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JAWS 12 Desktop Keyboard Commands

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Section 1: Table of Contents

Section 2: Layered Keystrokes

Section 3: JAWS Tandem Session Keystrokes

Section 4: Navigation Quick Keys for HTML

Section 5: General Commands for HTML

Section 6: Tabbed Browsing Commands for Internet Explorer

Section 7: Tabbed Browsing Commands for Mozilla Firefox

Section 8: Links in HTML

Section 9: Headings in HTML

Section 10: Forms in HTML

Section 11: Tables in HTML

Section 12: Placemarkers in HTML

Section 13: Frames in HTML

Section 14: Elements in HTML

Section 15: Other HTML Commands

Section 16: Standard Reading Commands for Desktop Layout

Section 17: Navigational and Informational Keystrokes for Desktop Layout

Section 18: Cursor and Mouse Commands for Desktop Layout

Section 19: Dialog Box Commands for Desktop LayoutL

Section 20: Help Keystrokes for Desktop Layout

Section 21: Miscellaneous Commands for Desktop Layout

Section 22: General Windows Keystrokes

Section 23: Windows Keystrokes for Windows and Menus

Section 24: Windows Keystrokes for Dialog Boxes

Section 25: Windows Keystrokes for Reading Text

Section 26: Windows Keystrokes for Editing Text

Section 27: Keystrokes for Windows Explorer